Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Festivals, Markets and Samplings to Boot!

Hello all good Cookie people,

Today I thought I would take the time to update you all on the status of our upcoming engagements for the year where it is possible for you to buy directly from us. Every year we do our best to select some the festivals where we think that our product will fit in at.

This year we have arranged to be at the following festivals:

Veg Fest - an NCVA event
May 30 2010 - 10am-5pm
Glebe Community Center
(Table is still TBD - but as an added bonus I will be doing a cookie baking demo and will keep you all updated)

Ottawa International Jazz Festival
June 24-July 4th 2010
Confederation Park
(Our space is reserved near the Laurier and Elgin st. pathway around the fountain)

Rideau Canal Festival
July 30 - August 2 2010
Confederation Park
(The setup has changed over the two years we have done it but most likely near the fountain as well)

Ottawa Folk Festival
August 13-15 2010
Britannia Park
(We will be located in the back of the food court. Just look for the Big Red Rancilio Espresso Machine)

Ottawa Pride Festival Info Fair
Pride Weekend - TBA
City Hall
(Most likely right in front of City Hall Doors on the Laurier Ave.)

The Festivals that we are considering at this point are:

Canadian Tulip Festival
May 7 to May 24 - 2010
Either Dows Lake or Majors Hill Park

As well as being able to get products directly from us at these events you can also visit us weekly at the Main Street Farmers Market - Saturdays from early May until late October. ~Often times serving the cookies straight out of the oven!~

We will also be doing our best to get out to all the spots where you are getting our goods about town to do a sampling or two and we will try to get in a few Saturday and Sunday samplings for all you 9-5ers.

I know, this is a busy schedule to be planning but I wouldn't have my warm season any other way. From a business perspective, if well planned, being very busy can bring about a great sense accomplishment for your work. This, I fell, is very necessary when in the initial stages of growing and sustaining a business. You need to feel like what you are doing is wanted and needed. Without that recognition (even if only from yourself) then your only motivation to continue running a business is money, and that is anything but a commonly seen motivator in the early stages of most!


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