Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ottawa Bluesfest gets a caffeine boost.

Over the many years I have been attending (and scoping out) Ottawa's Bluesfest, I have not seen a note worthy coffee provider. This observation has contributed to our decision to bring our Mobile Cafe to Le Breton Flats between July 5th and the 17th for this Goliath of a festival.  It's been a long decision process but we are confident that the people want great coffee. 

This being said we also realize that the idea of getting an exceptional coffee at Ottawa Bluesfest has not been something that the attendees have expected; therefore we need to EDUCATE everyone.  Our truck and mobile cafe will be located at the second vending area west of the main stage.  This is the vending area that allows vendors to offer a larger variety of products and options.  It will give us the chance to make your coffee just the way you like it.  Cappuccino, Latte, Mochacino, Espresso long or short.  You name it and we can make it. 

We hope to see lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones at our first venture into the churning bowl of music, food and hopefully sunshine that is Ottawa Bluesfest.



jawcey said...

Sweet! I'll be there and will definitely take advantage of some quality coffee AND cookies. See ya then!

Sarah said...

If the heat of last year is any indicator, I hope you'll offer some iced options ;)

--B. Goods (a bakery-- said...

Absolutely. Iced all around. These are over ice drinks not the blended type. Maple syrup is the secrecy to great iced drinks!!!

--B. Goods (a bakery-- said...

Secret that is...great iced coffee needs maple syrup.