Friday, February 18, 2011

Sampling of the goods, and Kudos to the deserving

Well all you interweb tech people, it's been four weeks since we started tweeting and it's been wonderful. We hope you've all been following along with @bgoodsbakery.

Over the last few weeks I've realized that twitter is really all about networking, and as one of the most prominent tweeters I know said "following the leader".

That said I need to give credit where credit is due, @wtl, @elkae, and @ecotav have been monumental in helping me get twitter savvy. Follow the leaders.

As of today we will be starting a trivia with prizes game on Twitter. The premise is I ask you a question regarding B. Goods and you provide the answer. This is made all that much better by the fact that the winners will receive free cookies delivered to your door. #followforfreebies (that is what they call a twitter hashtag ;))

In sampling news we will be doing a sampling next Thursday at the Natural Food Pantry (@NatrlFoodPantry) in Billings Bridge (@Billings_Bridge). On friday we will be sampling out the goodness at Nicastro's on Bank st.

We hope to see you there.

Brad Campeau