Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glossy Spread's and Trashy Prizes

Today I have two pertinent things to tell you about, hence the Posting Title.

The Glossy Spread 

This coming Sunday B. Goods (a bakery) will be featured in the Style Magazine insert of the Ottawa Citizen (@ottawacitizen).  A writer from the magazine contacted me with an article idea that she was putting together on food trucks in Ottawa.  I happily obliged and am looking forward to reading the piece.   Thanks again to Jenn Cox (@wordaddict914) for all her hard work on the piece.

The Trashy Prizes

As of March I began attending a special evening at a local bar here in Ottawa.  The event combines humor, socializing, prizes, kitsch, and celebrity gossip.  It's called Trailer Park Bingo and it's held every Sunday evening from 10pm onwards at the formidable Zaphod Beeblebox (@zaphods_ottawa).  B. Goods (a bakery) began sponsoring this event in July and have been rewarding peoples bingo skills and luck with the likes of T-shirts and 6pks of cookies.  We have also done a front door Cookie-Trailer Park Bingo-Sampling and plan on doing more in the future.

To keep current on whats up with B. Goods follow us @bgoodsbakery on the Tweeter!!!

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